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Tomb Raider Central
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Home - This is the page you start at

News - This page that contains all the site news back to when it was created

Site Selector - This page contains a menu that will direct you to the subsites, where the walkthroughs etc are.

Lara Croft - General information about Lara Croft

Trophy Room - Information about the artefacts Lara has encountered in her travels

MP3 Player - This page lets you control the background music, which is off by default. There are instructions on the page

Message Board - The Tomb Raider Central message board, you have to be a member of, but it is easy to join

Mailing List - The Tomb Raider Central Mailing List, which lets you know about important updates

E-Mail - Send an E-Mail to Tomb Raider Central

Webrings - View the webrings and site lists Tomb Raider Central is a part of, and also the page you start at if you come here from a webring

Support - The section you are currently in, here to improve Tomb Raider Central for you

The Subsites
Tomb Raider I-V Main Menu

Home - The start page, which contains the site news

Game Info - A section that contains a lot of information on the game - see below

Walkthrough - The walkthrough, you start at a menu where you must click on the area and then the level, but if there is only one level in that area it will appear in the main part of the menu e.g. The Great Wall at the start of TRII

Cheats - The cheats page

Review - A review of the game

TR Central - Takes you back to Tomb Raider Central

The Subsites
The Game Info Section

Story - The story of the game from the instruction manual

Events - The events of the game

Characters - Information on the main characters in the game

Equipment - Information on the equipment Lara uses throughout the game

Enemies - Information on the enemies in the game

Reference - Info on real-life stuff referenced by the game