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Recent News:
Ok, here's the deal on the next-gen games as it seems to stand at the moment (note that I don't have the game yet):
TRVI has a much simplified control system. I think this is a very bad thing. It's interesting to see that many fans agree with me, to some extent, but many of the general public prefer the new controls.
TRVI has many bugs. Some people have reported repeated crashes. Some people have encountered no serious ones. I think bugs can be forgiven if the game is good besides them, because is has just moved to a new console.
TRVI has a very different story. Some people have a problem with this, some don't. I don't mind, because we were led into it with the last two games.
Besides the major problems, TRVI seems to be an alright game, it's just not like the other TRs. Did I mention the controls?

Jeremy made a comment about TRVII. Apparently it will be back in tombs and will have dinosaurs, i.e. classic Raider. The reason he gave was basically bullshit, something about being afraid to go straight back into the tombs in case people were sick of it. Most of the population of the developed world were complaining about the old games being the same old thing, so they already knew people didn't like tombs over and over again. Also, the general public seem to be happy enough with the new story, and I have to say I don't think it's bad either. They seem to draw from this however, that people liked the tombs all along, and want another game that's the same old thing? I think not.
I think they've realised that they messed up TRVI on two fronts: changing TR too much, and the fact that it's a downright bad game in some ways. They intend to fix the changing too much either by throwing out their new story, or severly modifying it. As for the next game being better, we can only hope.
Of course, all their good intentions may disappear between now and when the next game is released.

Anyway, I'm going to get my hands on the game as soon as I can, probably within the next few weeks, and I'll try to stick up a fair (if I can manage it) review for anyone who hasn't got it by then.

For any of you who haven't noticed, this site is dead. I did get TRAOD in the end, and as a result I'm not working on this site anymore. This site will stay online until the hosting account it's on expires in late Nov/early Dec. Then it will be gone. You can find information on any future projects of mine on my home page. It was fun, in a frustratingly challenging sort of a way, but now it's over. Much like the game, really.

Current Projects
Fixing up the site in general, and planning where to go from here.

Site Purpose
There are many websites on the internet about Tomb Raider, almost all older than this one. The best ones are all much older. But I have found that they all have simple little mistakes in them, and are missing information, and deal with off topic stuff. Some websites have great walkthroughs, but nothing beyond that except news about the latest movie or something like that. Some sites have lots of info on the game, but they are small sites and are tougher to find, and aren't as well maintained. Some sites seem to have very little to do with the actual games themselves. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but my personal preference is websites that deal with the subject at hand and nothing else, are are as accurate as possible. And since I like designing websites anyway, here I am.
The purpose behind this site is simple. I am trying to create a site that is fully accurate, complete, that doesn't deal with anything other than the games themselves, and keeps editorialising well away from matters of fact. However, this site is very far behind, since all the games have long since been released, and all the other sites have been around nearly as long as the games. It will be a long time before the subsites for the older games are finished, and there are new games on the way. But I think that when this site is finished it will be one of the most complete resources on Tomb Raider there is.

About the Sites
I originally started creating my websites in the summer of 2000. Even then four of the games were out, so I had to hurry the walkthroughs a lot. The old ones are accurate, but they are so 'to the point' that understanding them can be difficult at times. Once I had them done I did some work on other parts of the sites, still keeping them all separate.
In the early summer of 2002 I created Tomb Raider Central. My sites had reached a level at that stage that I thought they might actually be of some use to people, so I created a central site that let people find them easier. It originally just started out as what the Site Selector is now. During the course of the summer I did a lot of work on the subsites making them look a lot nicer, and creating the basic 'Game Info' sections. Once I had that finished I turned TRC into a full independent site, with info that didn't really fit on the subsites, which are dedicated to individual games. Towards the end of the summer I bought, and a few months later got a proper hosting account to go with it, so all the websites are now proper dot com websites, running off sub domains of
Now I am spending most of my time working on the site creating the new walkthroughs, and in the process bringing the Game Info sections up to a higher standard too. I have done some work on the Game Info sections independent of the new walkthroughs, but the Enemies pages depend on images and sounds I get while writing the walkthrough, so they are still held back from completion. Once I have the walkthroughs done I can start working in earnest on other parts of the sites, but for now they are the most important thing.
The old walkthroughs are still worth using, but there are better ones elsewhere. The work on the new ones is slow, but I think they will be some of the best on the internet when they are done.

Here follows a description of what is on the subsites:
A complete walkthrough, check the Website Revision page in the support section for details on how the replacement walkthroughs are coming along. The new walkthroughs detail what to do, how to get secrets, and also have transcripts (including sound) for the cutscenes. The old ones just tell you what to do as simply as possible.
A Game Info section, with information on the game in several categories.
The cheats for the game, currently only PSX versions.
A quick review of the game.

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