NAME: Lara Croft
D.O.B: February 14th 1968
BIRTH PLACE: Wimbledon, Surrey
EDUCATION: Private Tutoring (3 - 11)
                      Wimbledon High School for Girls (11 - 16)
                      Gordonstoun Boarding School (16 - 18)
                      Swiss Finishing School (18 - 21)
HEIGHT: 5ft 9"
WEIGHT: 9st 4 (126 lbs.)

Despite inheriting the Croft mansion in Surrey she lives the same way she prefers to work - alone. In her rambling home she has installed a custom-built assault course and shooting range. With her unique physical abilities, Lara is certain of being able to break many world athletic records but sees no challenge in this for herself. It lacks the necessary ingredient of danger. The huge rooms of the mansion are useful for storing the many artefacts she has acquired in her adventures. There is also adequate space for her favourite vehicles. Anything on two wheels over 650 cc's is considered acceptable but she finds both the Triumph Speed Triple and the Harley V-Rod especially attractive.
Apart from her archaeological successes Lara is proud of achievements in other areas too - she has driven the dangerous Alaskan Highway from Tierra del Fuego in South America in record time. This little escapade resulted in worldwide headlines confirming the opinion of the established Antiquities community that she was a loose cannon. She loves this profile but generally shuns the media spotlight as it interferes with her Tomb Raiding activities.

Favorite Films
Deliverance Aguirre
Wrath of God

Favorite Music
Lara was brought up to appreciate classical music but having been a guest on U2's Popmart tour, has since become a fan of their music. She has also been introduced to the sounds of Nine inch Nails by her Aunty and considers it "good easy listening". Finds trance music, in general, good for training...

Favorite Food
Despite being a proficient cook from her days at finishing school and having sampled most of the exotic delicacies of the world, Lara usually opts for beans on toast when at home.

Favorite Transport
A Norton Streetfighter motorbike.

Lucky Charm
Any gun at hand.

Any challenging sports. Has a particular interest in experimenting with different, often extreme forms of transport. Has also once admitted to stitching a kind of Bayeaux tapestry of her own adventures while at home.

With her unique physical abilities, Lara is certain of being able to break many world athletic records and so sees no challenge in this herself. Her main ambitions still lie in the undefined world of tombs and the past.

Her Aunty's Corgi which has bitten her on several occasions - about which, for once, there is little she can do.

All the great ancient figures who respected themselves enough to design such intricate tombs to be buried in. "Nobody goes to trouble like that anymore..."



1984 Lara goes to Cambodia with Werner Von Croy Tomb Raider IV
198? Lara defeats the demon Vladmir on an Irish island Tomb Raider V
1989 Lara's plane crashes in the Himalayas N/A
199? Lara recovers Philosopher's Stone Tomb Raider V
1996 Lara recovers the Scion Tomb Raider I
1997 Lara recovers the Dagger Of Xian Tomb Raider II
1997/8 Lara retrieves the Iris Tomb Raider V
1998 Lara recovers pieces of a Meteorite that landed in Antarctica Tomb Raider III
1998/9 Lara recovers (but does not keep) the Spear Of Destiny Tomb Raider V
1999 Lara releases Set, and then seals him away again. Gets buried in a Temple. Werner Von Croy finds her. Tomb Raider IV
2002 Lara is called to Paris by Von Croy. She arrives to find him murdered. She has been framed, and must go on the run. Tomb Raider VI

1984 - Tomb Raider IV

The Beginning
The daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft, Lara was brought up in the secure world of aristocracy - wanting for nothing she was surrounded by servants, social events and high society.
Having attended Wimbledon High School for Girls from the age of 11 years, Lara's parents decided now she was 16, she should broaden her education by studying for her A levels at one of England's most prominent boarding schools. An adventurous soul, Lara found the idea of being sent away from home an exciting prospect.
By chance one day Lara came across a copy of National Geographic on the hall table. The front cover featured a familiar name - Professor Werner Von Croy. A respected archaeologist, Von Croy had once lectured at Lara's high school to pupils and parents alike. The experience had a profound effect on Lara, triggering a desire for travel to remote locations in search of adventure. In some ways Von Croy had become and inspirational figure for Lara.
As Lara read further, she learned that Von Croy was currently preparing for an archaeological tour across Asia, culminating in a potential new discovery to be made in Cambodia. Unable to contain herself, Lara burst into the room, thrust the article in front of her parents and without hesitation demanded she accompany Von Croy on his expedition. Lord Croft could hardly disagree that travel was an education in itself.
As Lara argued the case further, he found himself walking over to the desk and penning a letter to Von Croy, introducing himself as an influential society figure and offering financial assistance in exchange for his daughter's place on the expedition.
Von Croy's reply assured the Henshingly Crofts that the territories were friendly and that he had ample experience to look after both his and Lara's well being. Lara's company as an assistant would be welcome, as was the offer of such a generous cheque. He remembered Lara from his lecture - her incessant yet insightful questions had made quite an impression on him.
And so it was agreed by all that Lara would accompany Von Croy for the duration of the tour...

1989 - Tomb Raider I
After attending finishing school at the age of 21, Lara's marriage into wealth had seemed assured, but on her way home from a skiing trip her chartered plane had crashed deep in the heart of the Himalayas. The only survivor, Lara learned how to depend on her wits to stay alive in hostile conditions a world away from her sheltered upbringing. 2 weeks later when she walked into the village of Tokakeriby her experiences had had a profound effect upon her. Unable to stand the claustrophobic suffocating atmosphere of upper class British society, she realized she was only truly alive when she was travelling alone. Over the 8 following years she acquired an intimate knowledge of ancient civilisations across the globe. Her family soon disowned thief prodigal daughter, and she turned to writing to fund her trips. Famed for discovering several ancient sites of profound archaeological interest she made a name for herself by publishing travel books and detailed journals of her exploits.

2002 - Tomb Raider VI
Recent events have cast a shadow over Lara's life. Radically changed after her near-death experience in Egypt, Lara has become harder, darker and less tolerant. Whatever happened there has left its mark and she has withdrawn from contact with anyone from her previous life. No one can get through. She refuses to confirm or deny rumours about time spent among obscure North African tribes, but whatever happened after Egypt has caused her to become almost a recluse since her return. The dark memories that haunt her remain locked inside. And no one risks getting close enough to ask.

Early Years
Lara was independent and outgoing at school always preferring individual to team sports. Whilst at Gordonstoun she excelled at rock climbing, canoeing, horse riding and archery. A natural athlete she discovered a passion for firearms as an extra-curricula activity but was 'discouraged' by the school authorities. Later, in her Swiss finishing school, she developed her interest in firearms by charming her way onto the Swiss Armed Forces training range where she proved to be a natural and qualified marksman class. Later in life she felt drawn to fast vehicles and any form of extreme sports, "just to keep me in trim".

Finding Her Calling
As the daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft, Lara was used to the security of an aristocratic background. Predictably she rebelled against the more confining aspects of her upbringing but when she moved to Gordonstoun in 1984 the mountains of Scotland gave her an unprecedented degree of freedom. Her world changed further when she came across the work of Professor Werner Von Croy and heard him lecture about his archaeological career. The experience had a profound effect on Lara, triggering a passion for remote locations and adventure.

Her first field trip
She discovered that Von Croy was preparing for an archaeological expedition into Asia and persuaded her parents to let her accompany him. Von Croy was persuaded after being promised financial assistance for the expedition. He was also impressed by the young amazon's enthusiasm and energy. She could obviously take care of herself and the experience would be a unique educational opportunity. This set the pattern for the rest of her life. For the first time she experienced the hazards and mysteries of the ancient world of antiquities. Terrifying dangers became an accepted part of her life from then on. In the intervening years she has combated ancient mythical forces, survived a Himalayan plane crash, outgunned heavily armed opponents and always emerged with the prize.

And Now
Events in recent times have cast a shadow over Lara's life. She went missing presumed dead after a disastrous field trip to the Egyptian tombs with Von Croy. She refuses to confirm or deny rumours about time spent amongst obscure North African tribes but whatever happened after Egypt she has become almost a recluse since her return to the Croft ancestral home in Surrey.