As I have said on the home page, I like to keep editorialising away from matters of fact. This is where the editorialising goes. I have no interest in reporting the latest news, simply because I couldn't keep up, and other people are doing a perfectly good job of it. But other sites often include news unrelated to the games, and to get all the details you have to look over several articles, so my aim is to put everything I can find out into one complete report on news that is worth mentioning.
I will also put up any stuff I write about a particular topic, since I (like everyone else) have opinions, but I try to keep them out of the rest of the site.
If it has a date, it's news (and the date is when it was last updated), otherwise it's just something I or someone else came up with.

Feel free to reply to anything I write, and if you wish write up something of your own for this page. Anything you write doesn't have to be anything to do with anything I have already, just something to do with the games or news to do with them. Just remember that this isn't the place for comments, it's for articles. You can comment on the articles in the Forum, which has has a dedicated forum for responses to this section.
N.B. If you read these you have too much free time ;-)

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